Random Spiritual Writing

Most look forward to Christmas even before the start of fall.

Shopping yes shopping have to get it all.

Go down the check list of who to buy for.

The flooding of people to the store.

Fantasy Characters all on display.

As if on Christmas its these Characters day.

Getting someone a gift is how you show your love.

Blacked out from many minds heaven above.

So much decorating, festives and holiday cheer.

Did they all forget the fact of why were here?

Its the celebrations of Christs birthday for goodness sake.

But from him the attention away we sure take.

Were so busy spreading the holiday spirit or worrying about being a good host.

We forgot to give thanks and honor the one who matters most.

We are supposed to be giving all year round not just one day.

Help each other when we can in any way.

Be their for one another not just for one day.

So go have your fake Christmas but this i must say.

Take the word christmas dissect it youll see.

The name of Christ as plain as can be.

So take this poem as a reminder, heed it and know from the very start.

That Christ has loved us unconditionally from the true love of his heart.

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