Random Spiritual Writing

We may feel as though we are lost in the shadows. Our faith being tested by the tormenting of the cruel world. The pandemic has been hard on many. We try to do good and the world rewards our efforts with a slap in the face. If we have a loving heart the world takes it and shatters it, working to make us bitter, working to make it like the world, heartless towards others. What is even more daunting is trying carry on with the hurt of the world that is enveloped in sin. How can a soul be happy? How can joy be in these times? Where is my hope, where is my strength? Where is my place of rest? Where are those who said they would be here in my time of need and sorrow? Where are those whose hearts are caring? Those who bid me a good day, a good night, and wish me a good morrow. Where are those who have my best interest at heart and wish all the best for me? They are to few and far between. The world laughs as i fall, kicks me when im down, the scars i have to prove my torment from the world. Weary is the soul that looks for answers in this world for they will surely find none. The yearning for a broken heart to be mended will not come unto those whom seek answers from the world. Those scars are a reminder of what we’ve been through. The Lord has saved us. He has kept us safe in his ever loving arms not letting the world destroy us. He has guided our path to saftey , hearing our crys long before they were spoken out. He understands how the world hates us for he forewarned us of this stating: As the world hated him it shall too hate us. Our hearts cry out to the lord and he restores us, emerging as our strength to carry on through him. Our joy, our place of rest, he gives to us as we rest under his name forever remembering it is Christ whom has saved us, forgiven us, died for us, not because he had to but because he is our ever loving God whose love is unconditional and surpasses all.

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