Random Spiritual Writing

Politics. Everyone has an opinion on who their favorite candidate is for either republican or democrat. What can these parties do for me? My family? My friends? Etc.

So they cast their vote in hopes that their candidate will win. That’s all well and good. However the most important aspect gets over looked. When it comes to whomever is in office and has the power no matter what form of government they reside they must look to God for how to wield this power. Power corrupts, power consumes, power destroys, when power is stained by sin. God is all knowing. Any power that is granted to an individual within the government these individuals should look to God when using their power so they may know Gods heart. It is through Gods heart that they will gain the knowledge to do what is best for the people. May all government individual look to seek the knowledge of the lord so they may do all in accordance with God.

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