Random Spiritual Writing

Have you ever had the power go out in your house?

It can be quite daunting when this happens.

So many appliances and devices don’t work that rely on that electricity.

Everything spinning into a chaos right inside your own home.

So you set and wait for the power to come back.

Electricity is just one of the many things we take for granted.

We have incorporated it into our everyday lives.

Its just part of the norm.

But how often do we just set back and be thankful for the fact that we have electricity?

Many live in the dark of night with no way to light their home during those dark nights, others have to rely on other methods of lighting the house.

Still in this moment are we thankful for any method that we have to keep our home lit on those dark nights?

Taking stock of how blessed we are is important.

It reminds us to give thanks to Christ for providing these gifts that he didn’t have to provide in the first place.

So when going through our everyday lives perhaps we should open our eyes and wake up to the reality of how everything we lay our eyes upon that is good within our lives was provided by Christ.

So much stock within our lives to give thanks for let us all remember to do so for blessed are we.

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