Random Spiritual Writing

video games

nothing like setting back grabbing a controller or your keyboard, mouse, and firing up your gaming device of choice. its supposed to be a relaxing time filled with challenge and an escape from the troubles of reality if only for a moment. In that moment you are that game character. The character becomes an extention of self. now this is great and can be filled with adventure, respectable competition, and puzzling events. yet then games get entered into this realm leaving a tainted feel to this peaceful event. they are filled with gore, blood, death, violence, and promiscuity. These collectives are combined and potrayed as a fun endeavor. Lots of the masses line up to get these games with such content in which they enjoy partaking in these events. its almost like being in a trance as satan weaves his magical spell. these games become advertised as entertainment, a must have. yet does the average individual realize how much damage is being done to the soul. As the whispers of the devil channel through the game saying its okay to commit these sins as they are in an environment which isn’t real. Games used to be focused on challenge and adventure leaving a full sense of accomplishment as you set that game upon the shelf knowing you made it through, as it becomes a part of the collection. perhaps this is the game you got that highscore, made it through all those levels or simply made it through the game, amassed a collection of digital items within the game. The point im trying to make is good clean fun with a hint of respect is true entertainment. Let God open our eyes so that we may avoid the pitfalls before us for the devil is a master of trickery.

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