Random Spiritual Writing

Should have been grateful.

Let’s say two men have snowmobiles.

The first man has an old snowmobile he has cherished for years it has many memories.

The second man has a new snowmobile he has had for less than a month.

The two men are friends the second man says to the first man I just got this new snowmobile it has all the bells and whistles. The first man stays silenced almost feeling less. They travel up the trails and the new snowmobile flies across the country. The old snowmobile keeps a steady pace finally making it to the second mans snowmobile.

The second man belittles the first man. Asking why don’t you upgrade? its so outdated. It’s junk.

The first man feels even more less. Hurt drives off and begins to save money.

After lots of hard work he buys a new snowmobile and then when he goes to tell his friend what he considers great news, finally he now doesn’t have to feel less anymore.

But his friend already starts the conversation saying man that old snowmobile I had is such garbage. The one he had just purchased is now obsolete. Later the first man leaves his friend goes back home, sets on his new snowmobile, and nothing feels right.

Suddenly it hits him he was happy with his old snowmobile. So why did he buy the new one? The same day he purchased the new one he returned it without ever using it.

He realized he should have been grateful for the snowmobile he already had.

More often than not we are made to feel as though we need to obtain something in order to be what is considered great. We strive for more and more. It ends up being a void we within us we cannot fill.

Life is a gift, the day is a gift, all things from our lord are a gift.

More often than not we focus on where we think we should be.

Let us rest in the fact of where we are. Let us rest in Jesus and let him guide us to who we are and where we should be is obvious with our lord resting in his wisdom of all things that give life to the heart and meaning to the soul.

Let us give thanks to our Lord let him know for everything and I mean everything we are grateful. Everything he has given is a gift. Our lords love is the greatest gift. Let us not get caught up in where the world states we should be. What the world thinks we should be. Let us just be within our lords presence for that is the greatest honor of all.

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