Random Spiritual Writing

The church.

Going to church on Sunday can be a rewarding experience.

Many sit and try to grasp what the preacher says listening to his words.

No matter what words they seem to be they bow their heads and say amen.

Then they leave church feeling purged on their sins and have that feel good effect with them.

I’m not saying church is bad in fact quite the opposite.

But what I am saying is have you ever considered that the preachers words of wisdom may be incorrect?

He in fact is nothing more than an Average-Joe.

Many read the bible and think it makes them an instant Christian.

But how many look for the heart that resides in the bible?

God is love and anyone who preaches that isn’t guided by God in some manner may as well have their messages fall upon deaf ears.

Here is what I mean. Its all well and good to read a passage about giving but what does it matter if you give and expect to receive?

Christ gives to us all freely without asking for anything in return. His heart is pure. He works to give our heart’s a true sight to see things for how they should be.

An opportunity to be a blessing in someway is truly a gift.

If we are guided by God in all things. If we listen to his words, If we open our eyes to see what he presented to us. Then perhaps we may indeed have an opportunity to be a blessing to another.

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