Random Spiritual Writing


So much advertising goes into who or what we should be.

The perfection of men and women cleverly crafted into a portrait of what it means to be perfect.

Perfection has been something we buy.

So many products to make that perfect vision a reality.

But none seem to fill the void.

For if you are not what God created how can you be you?

Will the heavens recognize the artificial makeup of who the world designed you to be?

To be loved for who you are is truly a gift.

The world spews lies of who and what you should be.

But how can the world know what and who you are when it is not of their creation.

Blessed is the one who looks to Christ for the will find rest in knowing who they are.

Blessed is the one who knows the only perfection that exists is Christ.

Blessed is being loved for who you are by the creator of all.

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