Random Spiritual Writing

Our senses are overwhelmed with the pollution of sin within the world. Our eyes and ears filled with lies. Our feeling of holding a gun or another weapon made to feel right. Walking on others to get what you want who cares about others. Cast to the wind others for they fit well in the fire within this world. The furnace of the world burns hot. For if given a chance the devil would burn the world for his own amusement. When you condem others who do you think smiles in the shadows? Satan himself. Who laughs when you fall is filled with great happiness when you cry in misery Satan himself. No reward for doing good. However do wrong and it feels that the reward lies at your feet that you’ve bested the world. But that is the illusion presented to us in the form of a reward. This reward does not good instead it breaks our Lords heart. It is of God to give without reward for giving of the heart is the blessed opportunity of God.

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