Random Spiritual Writing

God provides.

You know when the bible stated that God already has heard our words before we have even spoke them.

More often than not we don’t think about where everything truly comes from.

What I mean is that we go through our day to day lives not considering where everything truly comes from. Say you go to eat a sandwich and whether you are a person whom likes veggies, or meat. Whether you drink, water, soda, milk, etc. The materials that produce these materials that we eat and drink. The source who created this is God. Think about it really break it down. Take a veggie sandwich for example. The seeds were created by God, the Farmer by God, the earth the seed was planted in by God, the water the crop was watered with by God. The breath the farmer takes when breathing by God, the Clothes on his back by God, The earth he is on and finally the universe the earth is within, along with the sun that gives life to the crops, etc etc…. All by God.

Everything provided all the tools he needed to grow and harvest this crop.

But whom created those tools, but whom created those whom created the tools?

See what I mean?

However many don’t think about God in the day to day.

Where did the tools come from to do my job? oh they came from a store. This falsehood of “they came from a store”. Is what the world would have you believe.

The world tries to take away all the lords works because the world is corrupted by sin.

This sin weaves lies into the fabric of our lives trying to erase the fact that God exists.

It is a blessing to know where everything in existence comes from.

So let us give thanks to our Lord Christ. For always providing for us in every way.

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