Random Spiritual Writing

The world doesn’t need you.

A lot of things we think unfortunately end up not being true.

Those we think whom are their for us. Where are they when we call out?

Those who said they were friends. Why don’t they care? Where are they now?

All the time implemented to build up to that next level so that we can wear that successful label proudly.

Yet their always seems to be another whom can do it better.

Try not calling those whom you talk to every day. See how many care to call you back.

Quit your job you can bet they will find your replacement in minutes.

Lose your love from a breakup watch as the one whom was your significant other finds another quickly to take the place within their heart.

Realize the pain you feel, the tears you cry, the struggles you face, every ounce of who and what you are means nothing to this world.

The world gobbles people up and spats them back out.

But build your house upon the rock and the storms of the world suddenly don’t destroy you.

Rest in God and find peace.

What the world thinks is not of concern. What Christ thinks however is of the utmost concern.

A loving heart to end it all. How wonderful is it to awaken knowing you are loved? How wonderful is it to know you mean something? How wonderful is it to know you have purpose? How wonderful is it to know how blessed your heart truly is if Christ lives within it. Now suddenly the world has no chains that claim you for they are broken. The world has no way to break you. For faith within the storm the world causes is where the rock resides. Faith in our lord to deliver us out of this horrid world and into his ever lasting love. Rest easy upon the rock for a storm of the world is powerless against God. Live in faith, know ever lasting love in Christ.

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