Random Spiritual Writing

Perhaps you spent time in your yard searching for that four leaf clover to present you with a bit of luck and good fortune. It can be good fun searching for that clover but pay no mind to the luck promised in its leaves. Incantations and wizardry another form that presents the opportunity to give an individual that power they so desire to obtain their wishes. The illusion of getting what you want sure is enticing. That’s why so many folks play the lottery in hopes to win it big so that their life may be filled with riches and their dreams may become reality. These all take our focus once again from true importance. Cast your focus to the lord however and you will find contentment is near. Contentment is a beautiful aspect it makes us use our time more wisely for every moment spent with focus on the lord is truly a blessing. It is here we will find the love of our God a sight to be hold as he embraces us within his love. But take not this love forgranted for it is a gift. Do not let the shine of this life blind you to the importance of God. Do not let it deafen you to his words of wisedom. Do not let it lock your heart with pilled up nothingness as this is like a full house no room for thy God is truly a tragedy. So pay no mind to these things that take us away from God. Do not be led away for a heart that is filled with the lords presence has found peace for it lies within heaven as home is where the lord resides.

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