Random Spiritual Writing

Sometimes we faulter. When we fall into despair, when all seems lost, when everything seems to turn to shadow. Upon whom do we call? The problem is we often choose to point our reliance upon worldly aspects that we fade into these and lose sight of God. But when we need help we call out oh heavenly father save me!! We only turn to God whilst in the pit. The lord our shepherd cares for his sheep one and all so he finds us in our shadowed pit and offers his hand to save the lost sheep.. But once again we faulter falling back into the reliance of worldly aspects. This in return rewards us with nothing but agony and chaos. The world tells us to do wrong, it tells us all the aspects of darkness are okay. Ever do a good deed only to have the sting later as that good deed resulted in you getting hurt? The path to hell is easy a slide in which carries a swift slope to hell. But the path of good is a flight of many stairs, a trecherous mountain to scale. But in the difficulty is God he is their always waiting to hear our voice. His works are light, his guidance a gift. I believe that the land of milk & honey is simply the peace of God. But so much threatens that peace tries to take it from us. The devil a lion in waiting to devour our soul. But here we have a choice. Do we listen to the lies of the devil? do we believe everything another tells us. Even preachers can be wrong. Therefore we must set our focus upon God for it is here a land of milk & honey is Gods peace. It is here that in the peace we can commune with God and learn what the truth is for he is truth. The souce of everything is God so why would we look elsewhere? Because the world wants to take you away. The devil crafts many traps to ensnare the soul. A relationship with God is the most important in this life for it is to know what true love is and within that love peace exists. For if we love God with all our heart than our heart is truly blessed. A life with God for eternity is what heaven is. To be truly loved. To know what the true love of God is and be in that relationship for all eternity truly is perfection. A land of milk & honey isn’t an object in my opinion it is a relationship with a God whom wants to love you for all eternity and all you have to do is open your heart. A heart in which has the lord within it truly has reached a land of milk & honey.

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