Random Spiritual Writing

Many people get boxed in where they feel they have no hope and nothing left. It seems as though they have reached the end. Nothing but darkness seems to reside here where they now dwell. No reason to fight, no will in their heart to carry on. The tears fall and as they touch the ground, nothing remains except emptiness. The void is never ending and cant be filled. Your places you once felt comfort become a tomb. This tomb becomes the place where it feels like no one cares and you have been left for dead. Alone now with nothing but your sorrow for company. Suicide may seem as though the only option now. But realize this is your moment to seize an opportunity. To admit you don’t know it all and as hard as it may be to admit you don’t know what’s best. Now is the time to call out to Christ before its too late before this world stops spinning and all comes to an end for we do not know the day nor the hour. You see we can’t fill the void within ourselves to carry on. That heart that you are missing that reason for being here is Christ. Its an amazing unimaginable feeling to know you have the lord in your life. To know that the reason for everything you are looking for the reason for being is the Lord. You can start your relationship with Christ hes only a call away. Shout out at the top of your lungs if you need, cry out those tears and call to him say Lord i want you in my heart. I cant fight any longer. Let God make your heart a home in which he can dwell. With Gods love without that heart everything truly is pointless. The beginning of a new day suddenly has meaning with God. The emptiness, the not knowing it all, taken from you and now your savior begins his blessed works taking you into refuge so you may be at peace within his love and now have a place to call home. Remember no matter where you are right now in your life the greatest light shines its brightest in the greatest of darkness. That light is God and all you have to do is say unto the lord come into my heart and make it your home for if you dwell within me my faith in you shall see me through the most difficult of times. You are my hope, my reason, my strength is in you lord, your wisdom guides my paths as you can see in the darkness i cannot. You are my everything oh lord let me not fall from you. Be my God forever and eternity for a relationship with Christ is everything. The world falls short for it has no heart, this place you are in, the sadness you feel is the weight of the world crushing you beneath it. Can a world with no heart guide you? no but it can destroy you. Can a world with no heart love you no but once again it can destroy you. It can take your hope, heart, humanity, reason for existing, it can claim hold on your soul. The house built upon faith resides for it has the foundation of the Lord. Nothing is as merciful, loving, compassionate, caring , giving as the Lord thy God. Let us give thanks that we have such an amazing God. Let us say to the world you have not hold on me for my house is built upon the rock, my faith shall be my light within the darkness you shall crush me no more world for the Lord dwells within me so now i reside at home with my Lord.

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