Random Spiritual Writing

Sometimes i think we can be like racoons. See racoons are attracted to shiny objects. They seek them out haul them back home and keep them. We work hard on achieving objects, some of which we hope will bring us happiness or enjoyment. It can also bring a sense of accomplishment to acquire that object we worked so hard to obtain. sometimes were like horses with blinders that tunnel vision has taken place. it can also be hard to see others have what you want. it may even come so easily without effort. this may causes us to feel less of a person for we may feel like we have failed. money buys material objects, objects or trying to acquire said objects steal our attention away from God. our eyes are fixated not to the heavens seeking our lord savior Christ. They are seeking the falsehoods of material fulfillment. Give your heart to this world it will be void and bound by chains. Give no mind to God and you have truly failed for you have given away your relationship with Christ to be devoured by the world. Let not Satan control you into giving yourself to the worlds temptations that take hold and pull us from Christ and lead us to hell. Remember it is the theif who stole the gold but the gold is what stole a precious moment that could have been spent with God. To be loved by Christ is to need not, for his love and kindness is all our hearts need for fulfillment. If we have Christ within our hearts we shall not want for our relationship with him is truly everything.

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