Random Spiritual Writing

How many things take away our attention from God during the day? do you ever stop and thank him for the existence of the day and the gift that we’re in it? I believe that do unto others as you would have them do unto you isn’t just something thats said it’s more of a responsibility. we impact each other’s lives greatly. how many times have we out right slapped God in the face? how many times have we insulted him drug his name down? how many times have we been a complete utter let down? How many times have we taken our anger out on God? how many times have we told him to go away? how many times have we told him he wasn’t wanted not only with our words but in our hearts? how many times have we told him that we’ve hated him not only with our words but our actions? the list can go on and on about the wrong we’ve done committed towards God but yet he continues to care for us. that’s why I think it is so important to remember everything that God has done for us and and make him the center of our lives. for a living soul that does not declare God as Lord savior is a soul that is truly lost. I think we’ve all been there with Hellfire beneath our feet yet he offers his hand to save us. what I mean by do unto others is a responsibility is this God gave us kindness We Are Made In His Image for it is our souls longing to be like him an opportunity to be a blessing is a blessing so when we treat others with respect that we wish we had it is a blessing. when we treat others with respect love compassion that we wish we had it is a blessing. now I stated respect twice because respect is important. when I say wish we had I mean from all other individuals. God has always been kind loving compassionate even if others don’t treat us with the same compassion it’s okay we get it from God and I believe that praising the Lord and All His glory mercifulness is important. doing unto others in my opinion it’s simply the image of God is what we are made so we tried to give the same love and compassion as God to one another so that we may be lucky to even give a fraction of a blessing to another soul that God has already given to us. may we remember God and All His glory may we not forget him in our daily lives for a second that we have forgotten about God is truly a tragedy. may we always be thankful to our Lord for continuously taking care of us with his unconditional love. May our actions thoughts and everything else be with God in mind.

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