Random Spiritual Writing

I often wonder how we would think feel believe and act. If we weren’t corrupted by the definitions of society. Society tells us we need to look think feel and act a certain way. If we don’t do this then we aren’t a success we aren’t beautiful we aren’t worth the time of anything. Basically we are defined as the scum of the Earth. So then with these thoughts and Minds they bring sorrows. You aren’t just good enough then you’re worthless. So where do we go from here? If you look to God it’s amazing how your perceptions of everything change. So think how would we act if we look to God would it be with respect would it be with honor instead of I have to have this or have to have that if we look to God how would we love one another would it be with all our hearts would we have understanding for one another would we see the beauty in one another instead of finding an imperfection and tearing another soul apart? Pull the thread of what defines a person and just like the ball of yarn they become unraveled. Suddenly they start questioning everything they believe who they are and how they should be and why they’re not good enough. Christ wasn’t about tearing another person down. Christ wasn’t about hurting others. Christ was simply love and compassion for others. Christ was the teaching of love. Who better a teacher of love then the one who is love? I guess the point here is we look to God suddenly opportunities come about to love thy neighbor as God said, To give understanding to another. I’m not saying we all get it right the first time though and no one gets it right the first time but that isn’t the point the point is to look to God have him help you become best person you can through him because when God lives inside your heart you have a true understanding what love is. Let us invite Christ to live in our hearts may we never forget him for the soul who has forgotten Christ is a representation of a true tragedy.

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