Random Spiritual Writing

I wonder what will it take for an awakening to happen?

Flooding in some places, cars carried away by water, buildings flooded.

Extreme heat. Crops perishing. People trying to cope with the present heat.

Hurricanes tossing and breaking what ever lies in the way.

The list continues however has the awakening come to light?

What will it take for eyes to be upon the heavens in realization of the Lord calling out to people?

The signs are evident. Yet so many ignore and lay in disbelief.

Have you not heard? Have you not seen? Have you not become aware to the truth?

Let us awaken to the gifts of Christ and heed not to that which makes us forget the creator of all.

He takes care of us. If he had not we would have not made it this far.

He is the rock upon which our spiritual house is build. He protects us and helps us weather the storm.

He give us water, food, and shelter to sustain us.

All good in our life is a gift. Tell everyone the truth. Tell them I beseech you.

Tell them and give understanding. Let them know all good comes from Christ.

We don’t survive on our own, we are not what sustains us nor the day.

We do not make the sun rise to govern the day, nor the moon for the night.

We didn’t breathe life into existence.

We didn’t create our happiness, our beautiful memories, nor the loved ones we hold so dear for they are a blessing.

We didn’t etch the smiles upon our faces when true joy and happiness engulfed us.

We didn’t create anything good!!!!

Shout it!! Scream it!! Say the truth for others to behold.

Let the truth shine for all to see that all good we have is from The Lord Thy God Jesus Christ.

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