Random Spiritual Writing

Take a shovel dig deep.

Throw massive amounts of dirt while the sheep sleep.

Pay no mind to the earth quakes and broken homes that are now decimated.

Pay no attention let nothing on the truth be concentrated.

Let the wind from the hurricane blow.

With it let all the buildings go.

Let the rain flood the streets washing away.

Everything now lay waste at the end of this day.

Yet still our sorrowful eyes.

Pay no attention to the skies.

Pay no attention to the blood given for us from sin to be free.

No thanks given to the most important ever to exist and be.

The moment past and gone in the minds of many or perhaps in the mind never was at all.

Its amazing how fast everything has experienced the fall.

I swear hear my voice its not pretend.

This isn’t a movie were in, we’re talking about the end.

The end of times, already it seems as if all hope is lost.

Yet we continue to shovel the dirt burying the truth but at what cost?

Can’t you understand? Cant you see?

Jesus Christ isn’t a campfire story.

Experience a love like no other, with an everlasting shinning bright light.

A God whom does not fear the darkest of evil that dwells with in the night.

In the darkness he can clearly see.

Listen please hear me.

Ask the Lord into your heart build your house upon the rock let your faith in God shine true.

The world wants everything else but all God wants is you.

Hes here now calling out to all the lost sheep.

Don’t let the truth that Christ is lord, be buried deep.

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