Random Spiritual Writing

These people have a skin color whatever it may be.

So lets take this aspect and make it news worthy.

These people have a cultural belief.

Let us tear it apart and cause grief.

These people think a certain way.

Lets take it and break it never to let it see the light of day.

Lets cast judgment and decided who is good and whose not.

Lets say whatever we want for the sake of news!!!! Striking whilst the iron is hot!!!!

Yeah the irons hot alright with the news from hell.

So lets set the record straight so all can be well.

Last time I checked all people mattered.

Not these broken news lines that like glass should be shattered.

We are all loved regardless of race, creed, and what not I tell you this I say.

Under God we all live this very day.

Heed not to the mixture of nonsense within the media for the wolves devour the sheep.

Turn to God so that you may have peace and a restful sleep.

Know in your heart the love of God let that be the news that speaks to you.

Cast the news from hell where it belongs in the bottom of the ocean blue.

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