Random Spiritual Writing

You mean nothing….

The devil whispers lies into your ears.

Smiles as you give into all the fears.

Laughs when you fall.

Feels the greatest happiness when you feel like you’ve lost it all.

Cleverly crafted traps for the soul.

All designed to drag you down into the pit, the eternal hole.

But the devil fears Christ for even in the darkness of night.

You will notice it is erased by light.

Shattered like glass can be the hold upon you right now never again to be.

Shout to the heavens say Jesus come into my heart erase the darkness from me.

I’m not saying this is a magic incantation to erase all sorrow from life.

I’m not saying you’ll escape the cold steel of life’s knife.

I’m saying upon the rock you’ll build your home.

Shutting the door when the storm comes about to roam.

Faith is the rock, Christ is love.

Forgiveness comes from the one who resides in the heavens above.

Just remember he who can part the entire sea.

Can change ones life for the good you’ll see.

He who died for us all.

With unconditional love waits for our call.

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