Random Spiritual Writing

Easy isn’t it to want that new TV?

Or that other item that with us must be.

Beautiful isn’t it the lies the demons tell?

So why is it that listening to them takes us one step closer to hell?

Forget about those in need.

Hell with them let them bleed.

Pollution must make that product can’t slow the machine.

Must feed the greed and make that beautiful green.

Hell with the hurt let them suffer and fall.

More yes need more yes want it all.

Walk on whoever to get what you want.

Would be a pity if you can’t rub your success in their face and flaunt.

Yes your on top of the world where flipped upside down is truth revealed.

Close as can be to hell, wounded unable to be healed.

You see that mountain is beautiful you have everything so you think.

But what you don’t realize is your about to sink.

The world has no heart for the heart resides in the skies.

Which is where we should pay attention with our eyes.

Its easy to become corrupted when you don’t have Christ in your life.

But corruption just means your stabbing yourself with an eternal sin knife.

Please ask the lord into your heart before its to late.

Quick ask him now before sin seals your fate.

He’s their listening willing to lend ear.

Call out to him so he can hear.

Hes the only love in this world that exist you see.

Trust me when I say with Christ you need to be.

His loves and kindness surpass all.

Hes the one who daily takes care of us all.

Give thanks to him for each breath you’re blessed to take.

He is all and everything for goodness sake.

Blessed are we to have this day.

I hope you realize how wonderful God truly is and this I pray.

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