Random Spiritual Writing

Hate your neighbor?

Did someone make your day pure hell?

Did they anger you to the point where you just hate them.

Hate is comprised of chains that are as black as the pits of hell themselves.

These chains wraps around you and bind you unto the darkness.

Then comes the anger and all the time wasted spent pursing these wicked internal thoughts of how you hate your neighbor.

Anger is comprised of the same chains only these chains lead the blind right into the fire of hell itself.

These chains are nothing more than the hurt self inflicted to your heart.

When you really look, I mean really look, it makes sense why God says to love thy neighbor.

Because when you let all that hate and anger go.

The chains have nothing to hold on to…..

They fall off and go back to hell where they belong.

You are no longer imprisoned by them.

Instead you take that heart full of hurt and it becomes a heart full of love.

Love conquers all.

It makes sense why God is the king of all kings and our savior.

God is love and true love is everlasting and unconditional.

So when the chains plague your heart, let God’s love heal you.

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