Random Spiritual Writing

Looking around at the world there is always something to make a soul shatter and a heart ache.

Even with all this pain, we are filled with blindness.

So many lives taken care of, food on the table, roof over the head, plenty to drink, peace with them.

So many lives going through the motions of the day.

But being forgotten is by far the worse pain of all.

Lost in the distractions of this world paying no mind to God.

Why is this?

Why must we break his heart?

I can’t even fathom the amount of pain he must bare in his heart for our benefit.

How many promises have we all broken in our efforts to be good?

Tears begin to well up in my eyes when I start to think of how much we must hurt Our Lord God the one whom gives us unconditional love, and cares for us eternally, never asking for anything in return and all we do is hurt him.

I don’t care if he is God, in the sense that no one deserves to hurt like that.

Especially the one with an eternal love for us.

I just hope he knows that when he feels like giving up, we do truly love him even if it is flawed.

The man of sorrows is truly a fitting name due to how many times we have broken his heart.

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