Random Spiritual Writing

You climb lifes ladder trying to reach the sky.

Then you slip and fall, and wonder why?

Buckets upon buckets of slime thrown on the ladder taking its toll on you.

Just so you’ll give up and quit saying I’m through.

Now you’re on the ground dirt on your face.

You scream, you yell I want out of this place!!!!!

Just when you thought all was lost, hope ever so far.

That’s when he came to where you are.

Went out of his way to find his lost sheep.

It’s you yes you he wants to keep.

Forgive you for everything yes forgive it all.

He’s listening and waiting for you to call.

The devils and demons grease the ladder well.

They want you to slide straight down into the pit of hell.

So go to the lord oh lost sheep its to him you should heed.

Remember to save us all upon the cross he did bleed.

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