Random Spiritual Writing

How often do we fall short in the sight of the lord? Our sin pilling up staining our once thought to be clean clothes. How often does life throw us into darkness with no hope? How many of us do not matter to this broken world?

We all fall short only Christ can help us make up that difference. Our sins are like water that gets flooded daily. Yet Christ forgiveness is like a storm drain to purge the putred water from our basement for we are pure when he makes us this way. Life’s darkness is intense making us feel alone as if no hope exists. But through the light of Christ hope is renewed in him for he is hope. He is safety. He is the refuge from the storm. We may not be anything to the world but does that matter? For if we matter to him whom created the world then do not hearken to the world’s bitterness as it is not love. Love is Christ and Christ is truly forever. Let us always remember Christs love and be thankful, for this gift is with out measure, and is pure. If we reside in the lord let us be thankful for if not for him our tomorrow would not exist. Nor would love be. Great is our lord let the heart in which he resides sing with praise and joy for it has truly found home.

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