Random Spiritual Writing

We may think we know it best.

That our way is the right way.

Oh how many pitfalls could we avoid if we were to just stop and think to listen to the lord?

A single simple act can have a great change in an individuals life.

For example if a cashier gives us to much money from the register as our change.

We have two choices option one, take the money, thinking its her responsibility to count the change right., so its her loss and your gain. Why should you care right?

Wrong. This is where just lending an ear to the lord can be an amazing thing. As you may just see things in a new light.

The lord will show us the truth. A truth in showing us how our actions could effect those around us. Such as the cashier could be fired as a result of that missing money. This could result in her being unable to feed her family, put a roof over their head, and many other things that could all be avoided by just simply doing the right thing and giving the money back.

So lend an ear to the voice of the Lord, let him speak to you the truth.

After this the choice is yours.

Jesus is just waiting for us to listen so that he may guide us during our day.

But you have to choose to listen.

The opportunity to hear the Lord is by far one of the greatest gifts as it opens up our heart to be kind and thoughtful to those around us. To be good to others as he has been good to us.

The lord is the light within our hearts may we listen to him always.

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