Random Spiritual Writing

How are you treated this day?

Money may dictate the way.

Are you treated with compassion or thrown to the street?

Are you treated awful or do they worship at your feet?

Are you treated with kindness and care?

Or are you treated as if the heart isn’t there?

The items they give are they cheap and fail?

Or are they made of quality and with longevity prevail?

Do you have the product to make you look beautiful according to society?

Do you have the product to make you as powerfully strong as one can look to be?

Do you have food on the table and a roof over your head?

Or have they forgotten you and left you for dead?

Are you worth their time and they can’t seem to get enough of you?

Or are you nothing left lonely and blue?

Yet chase it yes chase it run.

Must get your hands on it for if you’ve got lots you’ve won.

You’re successful if you have a lot.

Your average if you have not.

You left for dead if you have none.

Yet in this race no one has won.

Money is the topic of today.

It will determine how you are treated in nearly every way.

It will make you cozy as can be.

At the same time show you many horrors one should never see.

It can make you feel empty with a never ending hole.

But that’s what happens when we sell our soul.

Open the eyes of your heart before its to late.

Before the illusion of moneys happiness has sealed your fate.

To money you should not give your soul and heart.

It will only lead to falling apart.

Make it not your savior, nor artificial light.

Make it not your eternal plight.

For money will guide you to hell.

With laughter and darkness where the demons dwell.

Its not what you have its what’s in your heart.

That is what sets you apart.

If Christ is the most important to you.

Then what your heart sees is true.

But if money is all that is in mind.

In the darkness you shall fall and be left behind.

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