Random Spiritual Writing

Today we are blessed for the day even exists. We are blessed for the opportunity to enjoy this day. We are blessed to be alive and well. We are blessed to have food to eat, water to drink. We are blessed that the planet is still in sync with the universe and alive. We are simply blessed to exist. We are blessed in the fact that God created us in first place. What ever may be going on in your life right now at this moment remember Christ is alive within our hearts. Christ has risen from the dead. Christ is our savior. Christ forgives us. Christ is the most high God so whom can bring us down, what can bring us down? What can shake our faith when our foundation is Christ our house sets upon the rock and through faith in him we weather the storm. He guides us in the storm of life. Let us always have faith in him and remember it is he the most high God whom is the utmost important.

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